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ES Windows

Caner Impact Windows has formed a partnership with ES Windows, which is widely regarded as one of the most reputable companies producing impact windows. ES Windows is a leading manufacturer of high-quality impact windows and doors. These windows and doors offer protection against the high winds, hurricanes, and tropical storms that are common in South Florida, while also meeting the requirements of homeowners, contractors, and home builders in an efficient manner. Allow our expert technicians to install impact windows, which are the best choice for reducing noise, maintaining temperature control, and protecting your house from severe weather without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of your property.

ES Windows Provides Hurricane Impact Windows

Ensure that the structural integrity of your home is preserved during a storm. Our high-quality impact windows and doors at ES Windows are put through laboratory testing to ensure they can resist the rigorous standards of Miami-Dade County.

ES Windows Provides Solutions for Noise Reduction

ES Windows, a leader in the industry, are used to produce hurricane impact doors and windows. These doors and windows considerably reduce the amount of noise from the outside, providing a peaceful and comfortable environment for you and your loved ones.

ES Windows Provides Heat & Sunlight Reduction

On a day with high temperatures during the summer, sunlight may easily penetrate your windows and make the interior of your home feel warmer. When installing windows, glass type is most crucial. 70% of energy loss happens through doors and windows, and 90% is attributable to glass, efficiency is key. You can filter light of both short and long wavelengths by including Low-E glass into the impact windows of your building. This indicates that you have the ability to efficiently block off light and heat from passing through.

ES Windows Provides Long Term Savings Solutions

Spend less on your monthly energy expenses and on your homeowner’s insurance.
Our impact windows and doors fulfill the prerequisites for insurance coverage on your property, in addition to being an environmentally responsible choice that may reduce your monthly energy costs and boost the value of your home when it comes time to sell.

ES Windows Provides Added Security To Your Home

Your home will be protected from natural disasters like hurricanes by our impact-rated windows and doors, which will also prevent unauthorized entrance. High-quality tempered glass is constructed so that, in the event that it is broken, it shatters into reasonably small fragments, similar to pebbles. This significantly lowers the risk of someone being injured. The installation of impact windows is, all things considered, a prudent choice for anybody living in the state of Florida.

What are the advantages of using ES Windows?

  • Ideal for homes with one or more families as well as high-rise structures.
  • Exceeds the requirements of the most stringent hurricane construction codes in North America.
  • Impact ratings for both large and tiny missiles
  • Extra-thick aluminum structure for increased durability and improved resistance.
  • High performance and low energy consumption Option with low-E.
  • Aluminum alloys with performance levels ranging from T5 to T6.
  • Hardware and fasteners that are resistant to corrosion
  • Flush frame adapter for use in concrete construction and retrofit applications.

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Choose Caner Impact Windows as ensuring your safety is our top concern, we think that you should always receive the highest quality service and goods from us. Caner Impact Windows & Doors prioritizes the development of trusting, long-term partnerships with its customers by ensuring that they get safety, security, and reliability from the company.

Types of Hurricane Impact Windows

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