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Prestige® ES-8000T Jumbo Storefront Window

Product SKU: ES-8000T

Prestige® ES-8000T

The ES-8000T Jumbo is an impact-resistant, thermal storefront system. This product is isolated with pour and debridge for superior thermal performance. The ES-8000T Jumbo storefront system is compatible with the ES-9000 impact door. Designed for the USA market
  • Prestige® ES-8000TBlast Resistant
  • Prestige® ES-8000TThermally Broken



System Description

  • Large missile impact rated
  • Maximum panel size: 60” width x 114” height , 48” width x 144” height
  • Frame depth: 5″
  • Tested water infiltration: 13.5 psf.
  • Tested design load: +90/-120 psf.
  • U-value: 0.43 on insulating laminated SB 70
  • SHGC: 0.24 on insulating laminated SB 70


  • Screw cover
  • Integral door adaptor
  • Pre-assembled and pre-glazed
  • Surface applied ogee or flat muntins
  • Thermally broken frame
  • Available with insulating glass

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