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About Caner Impact Windows in Boca Raton, FL

A door is not just an entrance, it is the gateway to those precious moments which you celebrate in your house. A door is a symbol of welcoming, assurance, and protection. It’s Caner Impact Window’s goal to provide you with the highest quality hurricane impact windows and doors to protect what you hold so precious.

Our heavy-duty doors and windows come with high-performance glass that ensures sturdy protection against natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, and strong air currents, as well as impacts flying debris.

Caner places its customers above all and therefore offers the best assistance, smooth installation, guarantees, and unmatched quality on each of its products.

Why impact-resistant Doors and Windows

Caner knows no bounds to perfection. We believe in making ourselves even better with each day. Considering the climatic conditions in South Florida, which are full of unpredictable natural calamities, Caner strives hard to protect your family from all of it. The hurricane impact-resistant Doors and Windows that we offer are technically the best in the market. They’re highly durable, endure all the outside adversities, safeguard your house from theft and intruders, and even help in energy-efficient performance.

Reduce Your Utility Bills With Impact Windows

We understand what a hassle it is to keep on worrying about the excess power consumption by the air conditioners and heaters during different seasons of the year. But with our heavy-duty doors and windows, we make sure the air inside the house remains in and the outside air doesn’t find a passage to get in. Hence, there is less power consumption and more savings your way!
Caner looks after solving your problems and makes your lives happier.

Make Your House Look Like A Paradise

With our beautifully crafted designs and an unmatched perfection in appearance, Caner has a tremendous variety of Doors and Windows to choose from. Our products have class along with creativity, aesthetic style, and beauty along with modesty.
Our collection has four major sub-groups which are Winguard, EnergyVue, ClassicVue, and ClassicVue Max. These sub-groups specialize in an enormous variety of designs and styles for you to look up to.
Every house tells its own story, make yours the most beautiful with Caner!

Partnership with the most trustworthy Brands And Manufacturers

We work with the best impact door and window manufacturers and brands, like PGT and CGI, to make sure you get your dream products specifically customized and installed on time. Our team is consistent in its efforts and strives hard each day to turn out each of its projects in the best way and give you joy and contentment.

We also offer you the best prices so that you get a bigger hand on your savings. We eradicate the maximum number of middlemen so that you get most of the benefits in the form of reasonable prices.

In the age of Covid-19, despite the material and employee shortages, we’ve been able to meet and often beat even the biggest impact window companies in installation times and price.

Our reputable partners are Energy Star, Keystone, National Association Of The Remodeling Industry (NARI), National Federation Rating Council (NFRC), Accredited Business, Lead-Safe Certified Firm (EPA), Trustdale, GuildQuality, and New South Window Solutions. All our partners possess a long-standing reputation for excellence and a significant share of the market.