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Impact Windows and Noise Reduction – Do they reduce sound?


Impact Windows and Noise Reduction – Are they soundproof? 

Do you want to find out more information on impact windows and noise reduction? Typically, sound reduction isn’t a top priority when choosing windows. This is particularly true in South Florida, where you frequently have to deal with high temperatures, a lot of rain, and rare storms such as severe hurricanes.  Nobody wants to compromise safety for noise reduction, but did you know some windows can accomplish both? Keep reading and you will see how Caner Impact Windows are not only going to increase the security of your home with impact windows that are extremely strong industrial grade quality but also significantly reduce external sounds. A contradiction exists between noise-canceling impact windows. Yes, to get right to the answer, our impact windows can help greatly reduce outside and interior noise. No, there aren’t any perfect noise-canceling windows. Instead, some window styles—mostly impact windows—significantly reduce noise pollution and improve the quality of your life.  

So, do windows that block out sounds exist? Not quite. STC (sound transmission class) comes into play in this situation. A scale called STC is used to gauge how easily sound may pass through a window. The STC rating of a typical window, which typically has a single pane of glass and a wooden frame, is in the upper 20s. Your window must have an STC rating of 45 or higher to be referred to as a soundproof window.

What STC Means & It’s Importance

We are now entering the realm of impact windows and their noise reduction properties. Are hurricane impact windows and doors soundproof? is a common question we receive. When compared to typical non-impact windows and doors, these products offer a significant amount of sound reduction even though they are not thought of as soundproof. It is only one of the several extra advantages hurricane windows and doors may offer your house and family. Impact windows’ main function is to survive strong wind conditions like hurricanes and tropical storms. However, because of their superior design, they also have a number of other advantages, such as noise reduction. How then do impact windows and doors reduce noise? Everything depends on how the impact glass is made. To create impact-resistant glass, two thin pieces of regular glass are fused together with a layer of vinyl interlayer in between. In the event that the glass is struck by a flying object, the vinyl interlayer—typically polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or Sentry Glass Plus (SGP)—keeps the glass from shattering. The Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC) Rating can be used to quantify this noise interference. The more noise is blocked by the window or door, the higher the rating.  

For homeowners of homes and condos in suburbs and cities, noise pollution can rank among the most irritating frustrations. Even if your neighbors are the warmest and most pleasant people you have ever met, your good feelings toward them could rapidly fade if they regularly maintain their lawn at six in the morning or have dogs that bark nonstop. Or perhaps the noise has been gradually driving you mad and you live near a busy street or popular park. The good news is that by simply replacing your normal windows with impact windows, you may enjoy your neighbors and your surroundings much more than you ever have before. Call and GET A FREE On-Site Consultation now! 


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