Why Impact Windows?

Why Impact Windows?

We are the #1 supplier of impact windows in Broward, and we will explain why in this article. It’s no secret that mother nature’s bad mood is something we encounter much too frequently in Florida. If you’ve ever experienced that fury, you know that one of the wisest decisions you can make is to take measures to avoid it, such as purchasing the best quality impact windows and doors. Sure, you can board up your home in anticipation of every possible storm, but doing so would require you to spend too much time and energy preparing your property for reoccurring situations. Making decisions at the last minute might be risky when a storm is headed your way. By providing your home with strong, long-lasting, and elegant armor, hurricane windows and doors offer a permanent answer to the problem of dangerous weather that is always a major concern in Florida. 

After multiple hits from Hurricanes and tropical storms alike, Florida has seen its fair share of damage inflicted upon homeowners across the state. New building codes went into effect after major hurricanes like Andrew, in which the city municipalities had to take action for newer construction around major cities and buildings near shorelines. In 2007, specifications were once more altered to incorporate features in new buildings such as shatterproof windows, more resistant roofs, and reinforced concrete pillars. Many buildings constructed prior to 1992 are still susceptible to winds from a storm since new building rules only apply to new projects built close to the shore.

Homeowners who are unable to relocate or construct a new home that complies with current construction codes must take whatever steps they can to better secure their properties. Fortunately, there are straightforward, low-cost options that provide excellent security. There are various solutions available for safeguarding your house, place of business, or family from extreme weather. Some are difficult to use, some are expensive, and some are ineffective. Impact windows and hurricane shutters are two of the most popular solutions. 


Significantly Improved Home Security 

Impact windows can help prevent home invasions in addition to keeping winds and debris out of your house. Impact windows are made to withstand the force of an impact and form a “spider” shape without the risk of flying shattered glass entering your home. Impact windows have an inner layer of shatter-proof polyvinyl material sandwiched between two layers of tempered glass (inner and exterior). This system adds another obstacle to attempted break-ins.


Optimally Increased in Energy Efficiency 

Simply put, energy-efficient impact windows can potentially save you hundreds of dollars each month by reducing heat gain in the summer and preserving heat in your home throughout the winter. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy advises citizens to think about installing energy-efficient impact windows. They are also regarded as “green” products by those who care for the environment. Traditional windows, which are quite inefficient in terms of energy use, account for 25 to 30 percent of the average homeowner’s heating and cooling expenses. That much garbage adds up quickly. Why stick with old window technology when you can upgrade to impact windows that are energy efficient, look fantastic immediately, and will save you money on heating and cooling for years to come? Impact windows are unmatched in their ability to increase your energy efficiency.


Major Noise Reduction Advantages 

Impact-resistant windows are becoming more and more popular due to both their safety features and the added benefit of noise reduction. Impact windows are becoming more and more common, even in places where there are few severe weather events because of their noticeable reduction in outside noise. Impact windows reduce outside noise by as much as 40% by using thick laminated glass and strong frame components. Their overall thickness ranges from 7/16″ to 9/16″, whereas the average thickness of single pane glass is 1/8″.