South Florida’s #1 Provider for Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors

South Florida’s #1 Provider for Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors

Impact windows are a major advantage when it comes to living in Florida and facing the elements of nature that can damage your home. Impact windows and doors prevent serious damage occurring to your home in natural disasters such as the most common being hurricanes in Florida. We have extensive experience and are the number one provider for hurricane impact windows and doors in South Florida.  A solid frame and impact-resistant laminated glass with a cutting-edge minimal coating are combined in impact windows. They are made to endure strong winds and object impact, making it much less probable that they will break even when struck directly by an object. Being able to withstand impact is essential since a broken window during a hurricane is the last thing anyone wants. Impact windows come in a few different varieties, which we will cover in more detail later in this article, but it’s crucial to note that the primary differences relate to style, size, material, and level of protection. The degree of impact resistance they offer is evaluated using a number of rigorous tests.


Impact windows with a single or double-hung design are among the most popular options available. The terms “single” and “double” indicate how many sashes on the window can move up and down. A double-hung window has two operable sashes, while a single-hung window only has one. A homeowner can perfectly match the desired style of their home with single- and double-hung windows, which are some of the most versatile and design-friendly solutions available. These windows are very remarkable in their simplicity; they are straightforward, classy, and simple to work in any design.


The other most popular and common types are sliding impact windows and doors. With the exception of being on their side, sliding impact windows resemble double-hung impact windows. Two windows make up sliding windows, one of which is fixed and the other of which is made to glide horizontally. These windows easily take up no internal space to open and close, making them perfect for homes with low ceilings. Impact glass in sliding windows gives homeowners the aesthetic appeal of a conventional slider without the worry of glass breaking. This enables you to use a clean, contemporary style even if you are in a location that experiences frequent wind and rain. 


Check us out as we have been the number one supplier of impact windows in Florida since the inception of our company and take pride in our state-of-the-art products! When new impact windows are installed, they eventually increase resale value, boost security, and provide better weather protection.