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ES Windows VS Mr. Glass Comparison


If you ever wondered about these two major companies then keep reading our ES Windows vs. Mr. Glass comparison so you can make the correct decision as a consumer! Which company should you go with when it comes to purchasing and installing the best impact windows and doors available on the market? Great question, and you might just find the best answer as you keep reading this article geared towards homeowners and those who are interested in having the best-featured impact windows and doors that the industry offers. 


When it comes to providing the best option for cutting-edge technology integrated within their hurricane-impact windows and doors, ES Windows is the market leader. For many upgrades that ES Impact Windows includes as part of a regular impact window and door, other businesses charge extra. The architectural designs of ES Windows are well renowned and have been proven through intense rigorous testing. ES Windows is well known for its architectural shapes and designer glass in more than 27 countries. Being able to give our clients the option to enhance their impact windows with features that would generally cost at least 25% to 40% more elsewhere was crucial to us at Caner Impact Windows. 


In many ways, ES Windows is superior to its rivals, including the durability and overall quality of the materials used in their products, which are demonstrated in real-world testing outcomes. The ES Windows minimum PSF is +80 -80, which is 10% more than PGT, CGI, and ECO. Due to their strength, larger spans are available for luxury residences with huge windows. All windows and doors come standard with Kynar or Durastar coating to stop the aluminum frame from fading and rusting (other manufacturers charge 15 percent to 20 percent more for this). All windows and doors come with stainless steel hardware as standard (other manufacturers charge 5 percent more for this). Many companies including Mr.Glass do not offer these perks when installing impact windows and doors. ES windows and doors are also extremely well known for its superior customer service and support after the installation of its products with homeowners all across Florida. 


Mr.Glass offers their version of impact windows and doors in the market as well, they are usually offered in their MG line of impact windows and doors. Mr. Glass Doors & Windows is an impact window and door manufacturer that focuses on extending value over the course of each product’s complete life cycle. Since Mr. Glass is situated in Miami, Florida, it is aware of how necessary it is to offer windows and doors for both commercial and residential buildings that can withstand the force of falling objects and hurricane-force winds.


They offer their windows and doors with unique styling cues which might be attractive to the naked eye, but we have to dig a bit deeper into the features, build quality of their materials, and overall offerings in regards to customer service. Residential impact windows are available from Mr. Glass in a number of styles to help protect you and your family against hurricane-force winds. Here is a brief overview of residential window options. The MG series is quite popular and has impact-resistant multi-track sliding glass doors as well as single-hung windows. The MG line of impact-resistant windows and doors also includes French doors and impact-resistant horizontal sliders.


Customer Service Concerns 


This is what you will discover the most if you search the internet for Mr.Glass complaints. There are a lot of unhappy customers. The problem is also widespread. It has to do with the installation problem. A customer’s installation work was left undone after many crews failed to accomplish it. A few issues have been raised, such as a delayed answer. There are some consumers who received a response that was severely delayed after advising them of their needs. The clients had to switch to other suppliers by the time they had reacted. Some criticisms focused on a lack of attention to detail. Several teams provided customer service without basic integrity.  So, the outcome was not great, and customers were obviously disappointed as a result. How satisfied Mr. Glass’s customers are with their products and customer service support after installation is a topic of concern. It is a well-known supplier in the Miami, Florida area. It also provides service to Florida cities close by as well.