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Are Impact Windows Energy Efficient?

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Impact Windows Energy Efficiency


Are Impact Windows Energy Efficient? Impact windows are given higher ratings because of their reinforced window frames and dual-layered glass. They are constructed using durable glass, including laminated and tempered varieties. In the winter, the double-layered glass keeps the cold air from passing through.

Impact-resistant glass can retain more heat even in the coldest months. With this option, you can reduce your thermostat on chilly days while avoiding using it altogether at other times.

Impact windows, on the other hand, can deflect heat on sweltering summer days. Even though you might need to use your air conditioner, you’ll be able to do so for longer periods of time and still feel comfortable in your home.

Compared to other window types, our impact windows offer the greatest energy performance ratings. In every climate, they can reduce annual energy costs. Although some people may find the initial purchase of these windows to be exorbitant, they are well worth the money.

Check out our overview to learn how impact windows are graded if you’re looking for energy-efficient windows. Because homeowners have various demands and requirements, these ratings exist.

For instance, if you want to increase the energy efficiency of your home, you may find out how much solar radiation enters the building through impact windows and doors by looking at the solar heat gain coefficient rating. A lower number indicates that the windows can prevent solar radiation from entering the building.

When searching for energy efficiency, wood or wood-covered window frames are generally a suitable option because the wood has exceptional insulative properties. The constant maintenance required by this material, however, may not be ideal for all houses. Additionally, wood tends to have a higher propensity for rotting & decaying in South Florida’s humid climate, making it a poor choice for most South Florida homes. For impact windows, on the other hand, premium vinyl and aluminum window frames routinely exceed strict construction requirements and, despite not being the greatest in terms of heat transfer and loss, nonetheless offer excellent efficiency features.

It’s really what’s inside that matters with impact windows and energy efficiency. Impact windows are created by laminating many layers of glass with a plastic interlayer, often referred to as glazing, and applying it. The glass or interlayer you select for your impact windows will have a significant impact on both their energy efficiency and the amount of impact they can withstand when struck. Many impact windows feature a Low-E (low emissivity; also known as Florida-E) coating in addition to what is inside. Low-E is a microscopic-thin metallic coating that allows lots of natural light to enter a building while reflecting and filtering out dangerous UV rays that also add to the heat load there. Minimizing the number of times your air conditioner needs to run, and helps prevent excessive heat transmission from the outside into a home, increasing energy efficiency.

The first significant step toward energy efficiency is buying the best impact windows made of window frames with outstanding insulative features, but having them properly installed is also practically necessary in order to maintain those energy efficiency attributes. For instance, flashing and sealant around windows may seem inexpensive and simple to install, but if done incorrectly, they frequently result in air leaks that let hot air either flow into or out of your home. Because of these unintended heat exchanges, running your heating and cooling systems will cost you extra money. We at Caner Impact Windows and Doors always ensure the best installation in a timely fashion! Check us out now and our industrial-grade heavy-duty impact windows and doors now! Call for a FREE On-Site consultation now


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