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PGT Winguard® Aluminum Horizontal Roller Installation

Product SKU: HR7710A
Horizontal Roller Windows come with a huge benefit that they don’t cause much hindrance in the way of sunlight entering your house. Install this Winguard Aluminium Horizontal Roller Window and fill your home with immense brightness. The Winguard Aluminium Horizontal Roller Window has impeccable durability and maximizes your view with the contemporary design that includes a sleek frame, integrated locks, and equal glass sightlines. It also features some of the largest sizes and strengths in the industry. Additionally, the Horizontal Roller Window has its sashes positioned side-by-side that allows the window to be closed horizontally. It possesses low friction, stainless steel rollers in a nylon housing. This further provides smooth, durable and adjustable operation. This window has a removable sash design for easier exterior cleaning.

Options & Accessories


Rendering of WinGuard Aluminum rolling window Equal Lite (Aluminum)
Winguard Aluminum horizontal roller windows - Unequal LiteUnequal Lite (Aluminum)

Frame Colors



Clear Anodized


Custom frame colors are also available. Color swatches are for reference only. Ask your dealer about final color matching.

Product Option

Glass Options

  • Impact Resistant

Thermal Enhancements

  • Argon Gas
  • High-Performance Low-E

Screen Types

  • 1816 Charcoal or Gray
  • BetterVue

Premium Glass Options

  • Tempered Glass
  • Privacy Glass

Grid Features

Raised / Flat Grid

  • 1” wide raised muntin applied to the exterior
  • 1” wide flat bar applied to interior

Flat Grid (GBG)

  • 9/16” wide flat grid between the glass

Grid Options

Window Grid Styles

Raised / Flat Grid

Flat Grid (GBG)



Winguard® Aluminum (4MB)