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PGT 5500 Series

The Best PGT 5500 Series Impact Windows 

Looking for the best approach to protect your property from harsh weather while retaining its aesthetic appeal? Look no further than the PGT 5500 Series impact-resistant windows and doors. Hurricane and wind-prone zones require impact windows and doors. This Series of impact-resistant windows and doors offers maximum protection and style. Due to its strength, longevity, and customization, homeowners like the PGT 5500 Series. This document covers this Series’ features, benefits, installation, and maintenance. This detailed guide covers the PGT 5500 Series’ features, benefits, installation, and more. Begin!  Laminated glass with SentryGlass Plus interlayer strengthens and protects these impact windows. Energy-efficient glass saves homeowners money and improves house comfort. Reinforced corners strengthen the PGT 5500 Series’ aluminum structure. The Series is also customizable to meet any house design.

This is why PGT Windows are an excellent choice for most homeowners:

– SentryGlass Plus-laminated glass for ultimate strength and protection. – Reinforced aluminum frame. – Any home design can be customized. – Energy-efficient glass to save money and improve home comfort
– Protects against hurricanes and strong winds. – Reduces outside noise and enhances home security – Improves home value and appearance – Energy savings and household comfort
The PGT Series is a great buy for homeowners who want to shield their properties from bad weather without sacrificing curb appeal. The PGT 5500 Series is widely considered to be the best option for impact-resistant doors and windows on the market today. Get in touch with an expert installer now to find out more about the PGT Series and how it may improve your house. Frequently Asked Questions Can a storm pass through PGT 5500 Series doors and windows? Although there is no such thing as completely hurricane-proof windows and doors, the PGT Series is built to withstand the high winds associated with hurricanes and other extreme weather. Can I alter the PGT Series to better suit my home’s aesthetic? The PGT Series can be ordered in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your specific needs and home’s aesthetic. How much money will I save annually by installing energy-efficient glass? Homeowners should anticipate a significant decrease in their energy bills, the exact amount of which will vary based on the home’s location and other factors. When should I schedule an inspection of my PGT Series windows and doors? If you want your windows and doors to last as long as possible and look good while doing so, have a professional inspect them every year. I was wondering how long the warranty is on the PGT Series windows and doors. Laminated glass in the PGT Series has a 10-year warranty and the frame has a limited lifetime warranty.
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