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In warm and sunny regions like Boca Raton, Florida, sliding glass doors are a popular option for homeowners. Besides letting in light from the outside, they provide an effortless flow between the house’s interior and exterior. Impact sliding glass doors are one form of sliding glass door that has grown in popularity in recent years. Anyone interested in learning more about the advantages of an impact sliding glass door for their Boca Raton, Florida home can find that information here.

What is an impact sliding glass door?

A sliding glass door that can resist high winds and flying objects is called an impact sliding glass door. Laminated glass, consisting of two sheets of glass with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) in between them, is used to make these doors. The PVB coating prevents shards of glass from breaking off and flying into the home in the case of a break. The structure and hardware of impact sliding glass doors are likewise built to withstand the forces of a hurricane or other extreme weather events. All of the requirements of the Florida Building Code and Miami-Dade County have been met, and they have been certified as such.

Benefits of impact sliding glass doors in Boca Raton, Florida

Hurricane protection

Boca Raton, Florida is located in a hurricane-prone area. During a hurricane, strong winds and flying debris can cause significant damage to homes and properties. Impact sliding glass doors provide an extra layer of protection against these elements. They are designed to withstand winds of up to 200 mph and can prevent debris from entering the house.

Energy efficiency

Impact sliding glass doors are also energy-efficient. They are designed to keep the heat out during the summer and retain the heat during the winter. The laminated glass and strong frame help to reduce energy costs by keeping the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This means that homeowners can save money on their energy bills while enjoying the benefits of natural light.

Noise reduction

The city of Boca Raton, Florida is in a hurricane-prone region. Strong winds and flying debris may do a lot of damage to houses and other buildings during a storm. When it comes to weather and other potential dangers, impact sliding glass doors are an excellent defense. When properly installed, they may protect a home from flying debris and winds of up to 200 miles per hour.

Improved security

Glass sliding doors that can withstand an impact are made with safety in mind as well. Laminated glass and a sturdy frame make it challenging for attackers to enter the home. In addition, they include reliable locking mechanisms that add an extra level of safety.

Increased home value

The addition of impact glass doors is another way to add value to your property. Buyers who prioritize aesthetics, practicality, and security are driving the growth in demand for these doors. Any house can benefit from its ability to update it with a touch of class and sophistication, making it more appealing to purchasers. Homeowners in Boca Raton, Florida, can benefit greatly from installing impact sliding glass doors in their homes. They offer numerous advantages, such as safeguarding a property from natural disasters like hurricanes, saving money on utility bills, keeping out unwanted noise and even boosting its resale price. If you want to upgrade your home’s impacglass doors and reap these benefits and more, you should look into installing impact doors. Contact Caner Impact Doors now