Hurricane Ratings

Hurricane Ratings – Impact Doors & Windows 

  Hurricane-prone Florida requires strong home safety and good hurricane ratings on your impact windows. Hurricane-rated impact windows protect against high winds and debris. Hurricane ratings are extremely important in finding out the strength and overall results from rigorous testing of your hurricane-impact windows and doors.  This page discusses hurricane ratings for impact windows and how they protect your home. Discover how Caner Impact Windows can provide you peace of mind and assurance with hurricane-rated impact windows. Hurricane ratings for impact windows indicate their weatherproofing. The windows are tested to withstand hurricane and tropical storm winds and debris. Impact windows have two hurricane ratings: Design Pressure (DP) and Missile Impact. Design Pressure evaluates the window’s wind resistance, whereas Missile Impact measures its debris resistance.

Select impact windows with proper hurricane ratings to ensure your home meets or exceeds hurricane protection standards. This protects your family against extreme storms. Impact windows’ wind resistance depends on their Design Pressure (DP) ratings. Positive and negative pressure ratings comprise the DP rating. The window’s resistance to external forces pushing inward and internal forces pulling outward is measured by its positive and negative ratings.

Consider local wind speeds before choosing impact windows. Windows with a higher DP rating can withstand heavy winds. Hurricanes and tropical storms are safer with impact windows with higher DP ratings. Impact windows’ missile impact ratings measure debris resistance. These categories are usually labeled Small Missile, Large Missile, or High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ).

Small Missile ratings measure the window’s ability to survive small projectiles like rocks and debris transported by strong winds. Large Missile ratings test the window’s resistance against high-speed 2×4 timber.  HVHZ windows are required in High-Velocity Hurricane Zones when wind speeds are highest. These windows are tested the most and engineered to withstand excessive windborne debris. Caner Impact Windows offers hurricane-rated impact windows for varied needs and locales. Consider your home’s location, local construction codes, and wind zone while choosing impact windows. Caner Impact Windows’ experts can help you choose hurricane-rated impact windows. They understand the necessity of choosing windows that meet or exceed the ratings for your location, ensuring the best protection during severe weather occurrences.

Understand hurricane ratings like Design Pressure and Missile Impact to choose impact windows for your home. Caner Impact Windows provides high-quality impact windows for storm protection. Protect your family and valuables with hurricane-rated impact windows. Hurricane-rated impact windows protect your home and family during severe storms. Caner Impact Windows ( sells a variety of hurricane-rated impact windows.